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Kung Fu (Wing Chun) teaches self-defence:
Sifu Sergio's unique Kung Fu teaches two forms of self-defence.

1st Physical: You will improve your strength, flexibility, and overall health. Additionally, you will learn to strike with tremendous power and effectiveness. Hopefully, you will never need to defend yourself, but should that situation arise, shouldn't we all know how to protect ourselves?

2nd Internal: Through our special RFP (Ritual Fight Programs) students will learn de-escalation techniques and situation awareness. This enables them to recognise danger and avoid dangerous people, places and situations. The techniques taught here are perhaps the most valuable of the two in terms of real self-defence.

Kung Fu (Wing Chun) helps you lose weight:
Expect significant changes in your body with our training. Calories will be burnt off, muscles will be strengthened and built with a general improvement in your metabolism. You will learn to move and work your body in amazing new ways. With good work and sticking with it long enough, you'll even develop that six-pack everybody wants!

Kung Fu (Wing Chun) develops your self-confidence:
The fact is that if you take Kung Fu lessons with Sifu Sergio, one natural outcome is more self-confidence. With guidance and encouragement you will reach places you didn't think you could reach.
Through our programs and the success you experience, you will see that if you really believe, you can achieve success in anything. When real confidence is built, it leads to greater work performance, better relationships, better sports performance and greater performances in all activities. You will also approach life's challenges with a positive outlook gained through your improved self-confidence.

Kung Fu (Wing Chun) gives you a positive attitude:
Your motivation, progress and goals are our primary concern. The programs are created to keep you inspired and positive. The instructor team is focused on looking for the best for everyone in all situations. You will be going home from training with more vigour and enthusiasm, plus an abundance of new knowledge.

Kung Fu (Wing Chun) improves your health:
Our Kung Fu lessons are created to improve your health from day one. Breath deeper, sleep more soundly and even feel an increase in energy and vitality all day long. With a healthier body you're more resistant to colds and flu, plus your recovery time should you become ill, will be better than ever!

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Kung Fu (Wing Chun)

Kung Fu teaches you to control your life in a relaxed atmosphere, for young and old - with and without weapons!

Sources of Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art from Southern China full of benefits based on ancient Chinese Knowledge of the Body Mind and Energy

The Wing Chun Kung Fu taught at Kung Fu Sydney is from the most pure sources and lineages. Furthermore we are in direct contact with China and these lineages. Even holding seminars with Grandmasters regularly.

Why a trial lesson at Kung Fu Sydney?

Reason #1

  • 1 Free private lesson
  • 1 free private consultation to know what your looking for and what you can get from our programs.
  • Free tour through our facilities (see our state of the art training facilities and see for yourself why so many people make their choice for Kung Fu Sydney.
  • Free T-shirt.
  • We will answer all your questions to make sure everything is clear to you and you can make the right decision.
  • Free DVD
  • Free training tips and training video's from China on the Sifu Sergio Channel on YouTube


Reason #2

"Structured, special introduction package for beginners"

  • Curriculum that focuses on the necessary, fundamental priciples and techniques, that are needed to get to the next level.
  • Learn our Kung Fu system without being obliged to spar or getting
    beaten up
  • A lot of martial arts programs and kung fu schools sometimes make you spar against advanced members from day 1. This is irresponsible and leads to unnecessary injuries. That doesn't happen in our school
  • Discover the perfect system to be good in defending yourself in a very short time
  • Learn what our grandmaster with 25 years of kung fu experience gives to our academy in Sydney straight from China.
  • Learn in a beginners adapted tempo.


Reason #3


  • Safety is our first priority.
  • "To learn Kung Fu you have to fight and spar": this is a myth. A lot of our students cannot afford to come home or to their job with a black eye!
  • Discover the perfect system to be good in defending yourself in a very short time
  • We have a program where you can train, have fun, learn techniques and skills to defend yourself.


Reason #4

"A good structured curriculum"

  • Sadly enough in a lot of schools, instructors do "what they like at that moment" just imagine you're paying thousands of dollars to go to a university that hasn't got a curriculum and the teachers just teach "what they want without any structure"). We do not do this.
  • At Kung Fu Sydney it's all about systems, we have 6 degrees, especially for the orientation class student.
  • For those who want to take it a step further, we have a complete 12 level student curriculum to the Black Belt and further on, it's possible to get 4 technician and 4 Master Levels.
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Reason #5

"Info direct from China and Hong Kong"

  • All of our instructors are trained by Sifu Sergio, who lives in China and is known worldwide as "the encyclopedia of Wing Chun". The are trained on a regular basis to ensure that the system, style, principles and philosophy will be transferd to all students of our academy.
  • The whole team meets weekly to evaluate and train. To make sure that the goals our students work so hard on, are being solidly attained.
  • Train with instructors who really know how to teach. (instructors need to undertake at least two years of internship before they can teach independently).


Reason #6

"Positive, friendly atmosphere"

  • On arrival for every class our staff will be welcoming and respectful.
  • Everybody that belongs to our academy (including family and friends) will be treated the same way. Kung Fu Sydney should give you the feeling of "coming home".
  • Mutual respect and positive energy is the foundation of Kung Fu.


Reason #7

"A grading system"

  • At least 4 times a year there are exams and once a year, for those who are ready to graduate to Black Belt (not obligated but recommended)
  • Everybody will be tested individually. This will enable instructors to focus personally on your progress.
  • Kung Fu Sydney is all about goals and training to achieve them.
  • Our instructors will teach you the curriculum, make sure that you will understand and will be self-assured by all the new techniques you learn.
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"It's pure awesomeness quick and easy to learn and apply. Through the training I have sharpened my mental focus, coordination and increased my relaxation. I gain confidence through the discipline and routine while developing new skills with each new level. I would also add that the teachers are awesome!!"

Aron Leyshon
Age 42, Business Owner

Harry Andrews

Rowan Clifford

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Kung fu for men, testimonial

"I found in IWKA Wing Chun more than an effective self-defence system, which was my initial reason to join. But I found a school that helped me gain more confidence, awareness and find my softness in both body and mind. The teaching methods are practical and trainers are really supportive. There is a great sense of community, I really like the people I train with and it caters for everyone."

Frank Fernandez
Age 40, Project Manager

Kung fu for men, testimonial

"The IWKA teaches us effective tools and principles to defend ourselves with in the streets. My fitness, special awareness, endurance and confidence have all been boosted. The detail in the techniques is amazing. Combined with the one on one attention makes learning new things great. My instructors have become mentors."

Hurcan Ibrahim
Age 33, Electrical Engineer/Teacher

Kung fu for men, testimonial

"Wing Chun kung fu has bought me greater self confidence in my approach to all aspects of my life, not to mention faster reflexes and better overall fitness. I have decreased stress, increased awareness and mental intensity with great body conditioning. The cooperative environment makes it a cool place to train."

Jonathan Powell
Age 42, IT Engineer

Kung fu for men, testimonial

"I like the fact that at the IWKA I can learn at my own pace. While achieving much better fitness and developing more self-discipline, I have also made some great friends. The system teaches technique over muscle and theories and principles that actually work and can be applied not just to self-defence but other areas of everyday life. Everyone should do it!"

Michael Vais
Age 33, Project Management

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Men's Kung Fu (Wing Chun) lessons.
Originally, the martial arts were created in order to preserve life through self-defence. However, nowadays people come from all walks of life, all with their own personal reasons for wanting to train. For some, the desire is to learn how to defend themselves, others wish to improve fitness, some wish to learn the art, whilst others just want to have fun training a traditional Kung Fu system. Whatever the personal reason or motivation for starting a martial art, our Kung Fu system can fulfil any criteria. Kung Fu at its essence is a vehicle for the development of the physical, mental, personal, and emotional aspect of one's life.

Important to our training is the role that is played by goal setting. No matter if they are short-term goals that may change from one lesson to another. Or longer term goals that may take some years to achieve. The dream of becoming a Kung Fu instructor can become real with steady, progressive training and the guidance of our team of instructors.

We know and understand how unnerving it is to walk through the door for the first time, because we have done it ourselves. We are happy to tell you that our classes are famous for their relaxed chilled out nature.

Our students from all grades are encouraged to work with each other, but we target learning within your ability level. This facilitates learning from those who are more experienced than yourself, but also to practice what you have learnt in a safe structured environment.

With there being many benefits to martial arts training, all the students at our academy have a mixture of reasons why they joined. The one common theme is that by training they reached their personal goals and have created a positive influence in their lives that was not there before.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and I look forward to meeting you one day in my school!

Sifu Sergio has trained and is still training with several Chinese Grandmasters and likes to share his knowledge with you.

IWKA Kung Fu Head Quarters Sydney, Australia
67 Botany Rd, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

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